How to tell her?

How to prove to a woman his affection, which requires a common life in faithfulness and love? There are a million ways, perhaps only one but your dear half will surely understand the first good: a small box with a glittuce metal. It's not a metal, but it's about wedding rings.
What to choose from?
If you've already had a couple of moments together, it can be assumed that the taste of your counterpart may be roughly estimated. You probably know, at least, whether your dear will suffer from the thin, fragile-acting jewels, if they prefer the decoration of precious stones, or if, on the contrary, they are inclined to the temperance and the motto that "in Simplicity is beauty". However, one rule applies in general: look after good materials and quality workmanship – it is one of the few things that should not leave a man until the end of his days!