On 1001 games can even fish talk

Become a fish for a moment, King of the Seas on 1001 games
Are you angry at your boss, parents or acquaintances? Don't break things around you and don't get people around you from your misery! Sit on your computer and play one of the online games offered by 1001 Games. You can choose brutal fights, but also strategic shoers or try to go through a war battle.
I fish can laugh at 1001 Games
You are a peaceful man in the soul, but are you tempted to try how the killer feels? No problem. And when you get enough blood, you can devote, for example, to the behaviour of fish in a virtual aquarium or harvesting of wool from sheep that will run after the land cultivated by you. 1001 The game offers a rout to everyone!
Easy and free
The control on our server games for boys can be handled by everyone, because it is really easy, so the game may be popular with your grandparents.